Jeremy Joo / Furniture and Product Design  

Return Policy
All sales of JDH Projects Furniture are final. There are no returns, exhanges, or cancellations.

Pricing and Tax
Prices listed on this website are in Canadian dollars. Prices do not include applicable sales tax or shipping and are subject to change. Laws regarding taxation of merchandise, freight and handling are subject to destination; to be determined with each order. JDH Projects reserves the right to restrict or cancel orders.

Lead Time
The lead time for custom order furniture is approximately 8-12 weeks.  

Customers are responsible for cost and arrangement of shipping from JDH Projects to destination of choice. Please note Toronto, Canada as the origin for wood furniture. Orders are subject to import fees based on country of destination.
JDH Projects is not able to provide or guarantee shipping quotes before or as orders are placed.

Care and Treatment
Use a microfiber cloth when dusting JDH Projects Furniture. Do not use any solvents on wood. Surfaces of the wood will change over time and will darken. For further assistance with cleaning or repair, please contact a furniture specialist or conservator.