Jeremy Joo / Furniture and Product Design  

Stool Collection, 2019

This collection of stools is formed around the idea of cubes and the volume they occupy. Influenced by Korean characters, these 8 different stools can stand alone or be combined, creating an interplay of cognate forms. One as a stool, two as a table, three as a bench... Aligned with the rudiment and logic of the Korean written language (Hangul), the stools establish dialogue between object and space. Each stool is unique in its array of functions and can be rotated to suit its use, for a cube is still a cube whether turned on its back or side.

The Great King Sejong created Hangul in the 15th century, and he said in his official proclamation, "Saddened by this widespread illiteracy, I have developed 28 new letters. It is my wish that people learn these letters easily and that they be convenient for daily use." These stools are made in the same spirit: for their users to enjoy their honesty and gratify in their simplicity.

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Reading Bench, 2018

Reading, writing, and enjoying a cup of coffee tend not to exclude themselves from each other. The Reading Bench was created to blend the space that these activities occupy by adjoining the common forms that they naturally take up. Proportions and dimensions have been carefully considered to work with the various positions one assumes when holding a book, gliding a pen, or raising a cup to awaiting lips. This bench beckons its user to indugle in what brings joy and to stay a little longer with a pondered thought.

A Reading Bench can be viewed at Hamilton coffee shop and book store, Synonym.

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