Jeremy Joo / Furniture and Product Design  

Reading Bench

60 x 26 x 16 in
 152.4 x 66 x 40.6 cm
White Oak
Made in Canada

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Reading, writing, and enjoying a cup of coffee tend not to exclude themselves from each other. The Reading Bench was created to blend the space that these activities occupy by adjoining the common forms that they naturally take up.

Proportions and dimensions have been carefully considered to work with the various positions one assumes when holding a book, gliding a pen, or raising a cup to awaiting lips. This bench beckons its user to indugle in what brings joy and to stay a little longer with a pondered thought.

The Reading Bench is handmade with all natural materials, without the use of nails or screws. It is finished with natural beeswax, and it will patinate beautifully as time takes its course.

Made to Order

All furniture is custom made to order and cannot be exchanged, returned, or cancelled. Please allow for an 8-12 week lead time for production. Contact via email to start an order.

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